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Your Go To Source For All Of Your OEM Fire Extinguisher Needs!
Your Go To Source For All Of Your OEM Fire Extinguisher Needs!

OEMExtinguisher's Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service

Original price $125.95 - Original price $125.95
Original price
$125.95 - $125.95
Current price $125.95

This service is for those that have had a need arise and used their OEMExtinguishers Fire Extinguisher. Or for those that have had a loss of pressure in their fire extinguisher over the years. Per the manufacturer, these Gloria and Jockel fire extinguishers have up to a 20 year lifespan, meaning, 20 years after the manufacturer's date code on the bottle they should be discarded and no longer relied upon! Stored pressure fire extinguishers of this sort are recommended to be checked at 10 years of life, this can be done on your own by verifying the pressure gauge is in the green.

We are able to have your fire extinguisher refilled at a significantly reduced rate than purchasing a bare replacement fire extinguisher! As of 11/25/23, this service will be offered! Currently, we are NOT able to offer the small security pin or disc. This does not effect the operation of your fire extinguisher! It is equivalent to having a pin on any household fire extinguisher, we will be working to have 3D printed replacements available and this offering will be updated as such!


The fire extinguisher refilling service will work as such. 

-Place your order with your correct shipping address, we will send you OUR shipping address so you can package the fire extinguisher to be mailed to us in Houston, Texas.

-We will need pictures of your fire extinguisher sent to us so we can verify the bottle is empty and without pressure! We will also need to see the date code on the bottle to verify it has not exceeded its lifespan. Verifying the fire extinguisher is empty is a critical step due to its HazMat labeling for domestic shipping.

-Once we receive your fire extinguisher, photos will be taken during the unboxing process. We will take your fire extinguisher to a professional to have your fire extinguisher cleaned, refilled and repressurized. During this process, it will be tested to confirm there are no leaks. 

-When we receive the fire extinguisher back from our partner, more photos will be taken prior to repackaging! From the time that we receive the fire extinguisher, we currently expect a lead time of up to 2 weeks in our possession, and then return shipping to you. This is all including within the $125 plus $12.95 for shipping!



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