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Your Go To Source For All Of Your OEM Fire Extinguisher Needs!
Your Go To Source For All Of Your OEM Fire Extinguisher Needs!

OEMExtinguishers Color Matched Extinguisher Showcase

Here you will be able to check out our lineup of color matched extinguishers we’ve done for previous clients! Ranging from BMW White’s to Lamborghini Green’s! We hope this helps in your decision making and if you don’t yet see your color, it’s a perfect chance for you to be the first! 

Click on the color you’re looking for to view even more pictures! 

We apologize for the not so great pictures on the first few color matched extinguishers that have been done, we are working to improve our pictures!


Frozen Brilliant White (X16)


Java Green (ZF0) AVAILABLE for immediate shipment

Agave Green (071)

Austin Yellow (B67) AVAILABLE for immediate shipment

São Paulo Yellow (C4H)

Fire Orange (U94)

Tanzanite Blue (X10) AVAILABLE for immediate shipment

Portimao Blue (C31)

Atlantis Blue (399)

Estoril Blue (B45)

Techno Violet (299)

Thunder Night (C56)

Twilight Purple (P28)

Mineral Grey (B39)



Carrera Metallic White (S9R/2Y)

Rubystar Neo (M4B)

Acid Green (2M8)

Aventurine Green (M6T/U4)

Speed Yellow (12H)

Miami Blue (M5C)

Olive Green (274) 


Verde Aries (LB6235) Custom Matte Finish


Toyota A90/A91

Portimao Blue (C31)

Mikan Blast (D19) Custom Matte Finish

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